Tuesday, July 19, 2005


How to make sunset last an hour: Take the kayak out on the bay when the sun is about 15 degrees above the horizon. Head away from the sun at a sprint. Get a rhythm going and enjoy the speed and the sound of the water. As you approach the other side.... glide.... listen to the quiet ripples of water, the birds, the fish jumping. Slowly move toward the shore in the otter home, and sit for 15 minutes watching the amazing array of fish, birds, shrimp, unidentified water cruisers making ripples in the water. The sun slowly goes down and gives it's last firey blaze. Then the clouds above come to life as the angle of the sun shines up on them. This is the time to head back, watching every second change the scene and the light as the water glides by around you. Last step: on the west side of the bay, drift close to the marsh grass until the last brightness of the sky stands out behind the grass in dark contrast. One last look towards the east and the full moon rises above the water, leaving it's reflection dancing. A summer night in coastal Mississippi... beautiful!

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