Thursday, August 07, 2008

New kayaks

Bought a pair of new kayaks last weekend! They are one year old, actually, found on Craig's List and being sold by a nice young couple in Pensacola who has a baby on the way, which as I remember tends to to perclude other pursuits. They are both Riot - one is a Riot Regency and the other Enduro. They are a very pretty blue and white. The Regency has the features I wanted compared to my Old Town Millenium - smaller cockpit, sleeker design, and thigh braces - and a few nice features I hadn't even thought about - paddle rest, cargo net inside over your feet, good storage and handle design, nice look. The Enduro is good for kids, beginners, and anyone who wants to go for a liesurely stroll around the bayous. The Regency will be good for distance runs and I can't wait to take it out for one. I've been in it twice for quick paddles and so far I love it.