Saturday, February 21, 2009

New fins for Hobie

The Hobie Revolution comes with a standard set of fins, but you can get turbo fins that replace them. Dale wanted more power in the pedal stroke to go faster at high power, or cruise with less movement when fishing. We tried them out today and he says they're exactly what he wanted.

Our dog loves riding in the back of the Hobie. My mom & stepdad's handsome lab Molly is waiting on the dock.

The morning was sunny and nice for a bike ride. Afternoon overcast and cool with a slight breeze, but nice for kayaking. Dale went in early because it was way too cool to be out there without a jacket (and you get splashed more in the sit-on-top than in mine with a cockpit), so I went across the bay and around the south side, then over to the otter home. Not much to see today except a crowd of Buffleheads. It was nice and quiet, just the tiny sound of water ripples from the breeze. Oh yeah, and dogs barking. I swear sometimes on that bay you can hear every dog in St. Andrews!

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