Sunday, November 20, 2005

Late fall stroll on the water

Even on a mild November day there is plenty to see. The best thing about today was I was in no hurry, I had no plan, I had no objective other than to enjoy some kayak time. My GPS shut off due to low batteries, but I went the same basic track out towards the gulf that I have done many times. The tide was very low. I bet there have been times when the whole bay emptied out completely. It was only a foot and a half to two feet deep all the way across. The herons and egrets were prevalant as usual but there were quite a few more ducks. Some of them seemed very small. I noticed how they start flying and have to get a running start with their feet slapping the water. The cormorants do this too, especially if they haven't had time to dry out their wings after swimming.

A group of 3 little raccoons was wandering around in the mud digging up snacks...

I'm a little out of paddling shape, but I really didn't have trouble with the trip all the way to the gulf and back. I passed about a dozen boats with people out fishing. Over by the boat dock, the first house on that street was in the process of being razed from hurricane damage. It still seems very quiet on the north side of the bay, where all the houses are gone and no one is there on the empty lots. One thing to be aware of now, the water is colder, and wouldn't be any fun to capsize. I suppose if I went where the water is very cold, I would need to be more prepared!
Recommended book: Across the Savage Sea by Maud Fontenoy.