Sunday, July 12, 2009


The mission for this trip, other than a re-conditioning of an 8+ mile paddle, was to go out to the gulf and then go a little farther along the shore in Gautier to see Oldfield, which is a house that Walter Anderson lived in for many years. We found the house and pulled up on the little beach out front, then stepped into the yard far enough to look towards Horn Island and think of how he must have seen it, looking out there and longing to be there. It's a long way to row a boat, but a day like yesterday would be a fine day to do it. I don't know what the plans are for the house. It's in disrepair, but I'm sure it would be a huge project to restore it. Next to it (visible in the 4th picture) is a huge house with columns out front that was stopped in mid-construction. Both properties are in a nice place to enjoy the water, the pelicans, the view of the gulf and the islands. Maybe someday someone will again.

The water feels great. Had to paddle a while with my feet in the water. Kind of like water skiiing barefoot, with your own propulsion.
I finally got the kayak adjusted yesterday. Moved the thigh braces forward, pulled the foot pedals back, re-adjusted the seat, and found a power position that will definitely help me go faster, levaraging the whole body to accomplish the pedal strokes. Now in training for the PPP!
Editing note..... Blogger's capabilities are not impressing me these days. Haven't changed in quite some time. Still some awkward aspects to uploading pictures and rearranging text on the page. Usually, if I try to move the text, the pictures delete themselves and I have to upload them again. Now that Google owns Blogger, wish they would put some of that great development brainpower on improving the site.

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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Take it when you can

The sun goes down every day. How many days do you watch it? I can say, it wouldn't be a waste of time to watch it EVERY TIME.

Sometimes just the lines and angles of the water, grass, clouds is art in itself.

The water is warm, soft, and pleasant, and the air is benign.
Even if you just have an hour after a long day's work, enjoy it!