Sunday, August 14, 2011

August Bathwater

The water is rediculously warm this time of year. The fish can't turn on the A/C, either. I wonder if they like it? It feels good to just let you hands or feet swim around in it. I've been swimming laps at the pool lately and I'd love to get out there and swim in Graveline, but it's so muddy and shallow, not to mention full of crabs, shrimp, gar, redfish, oysters, and alligators. So yeah... maybe not.

Coming back across the bay we had a big headwind, but it died down as soon as we got back. Got a lapful of a wave! And a pretty good workout.

That's me in the bottom picture (Mom took that one). We wandered around in the swampgrass just south of the boat ramp today -- about a 4 mile paddle. Would have been a nice one to have on GPS track.

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Sunday, August 07, 2011

Swim training?

A pleasant surprise! I got in the boat just because I was out there, the sun was setting, and the water was calm. Why not? I was pretty tired from a 70 mile bike ride this morning. But of course it's legs that do the work on a bike, so my arms were ready to go. The surprise was that despite hardly kayaking at all lately, my arms felt loose and strong. Could it be the swimming I've been doing lately? I guess that's a lot of the same muscles. It's amazing how tight the shoulders can get when you don't use them through their range of motion... but once a week swimming lately seems to help.

Clouds blocked tonight's sunset, but there was this neat cloud top that put up a nice show.

And, a mullet jumped by, as they do... I caught him on jump #3.

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