Sunday, January 27, 2008

Smooth & Sparkly Water

I haven't figured out this Picasa posting yet, but here goes another try. Looks like you can upload the pictures like before on Blogger, or you can initiate the process from Picasa by clicking on a folder and "Blog this". Then it brings in your pictures automatically and opens up a blog edit window. Oops, I just lost a picture.... got it back by re-uploading it.

Nice break in January. After a rainy, lousy Saturday, the sun came out for Sunday and it was mild and pleasant. We went for a short trip around the bay and bayou.

Look how much the birds enjoy the dead trees by the water. So many vantage points. Impressive, impassive red-tailed hawk. There was also a group of pelicans catching a ride on a thermal; it reminded me of a group of vultures circling above a roadkill.

We took the shortcut through the marsh back to the bay. That shortcut is shallow at high tide, and just mud at low tide. Thought the tide was high enough, but we just barely made it; you can see the mud piles where we pushed and scooted through by pushing with the paddles in the mud...

One of my favorite things about being around the water is how the sun sparkles on it. Who needs diamonds and such? An endless, priceless supply of jewels is always there for everyone on a sunny day by the water. Water covers 2/3 of the earth and the sun lights up half of it all the time... I think that's enough to go around.
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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Kayaking Past Sundown

I downloaded Picasa and this is a first attempt at linking directly to the blog. I've been putting photos on photobucket, but the advantage here is it may be easier to upload the pics, and you can click on them for a better view.

This photo is from last weekend when Mom and I went out in the evening. January in short sleeves, even after sundown. We commented at how comfortable we were out in the water even as it got dark. Boats hardly ever come into the bay, especially at night, so it feels safe and comfortable, though we wouldn't have thought of doing it two or three years ago when we started out. Wow, it has been three years since we bought the first kayak. To think we didn't own that world before! Now it's like imagining not being able to walk around your block. There are always more dimensions to the world that's right around you. When you're ready, you just reach out and grab a new perspective on life. Not to CHANGE all you know and love, just to add to your experience of it. Living near the water, kayaks bring that to you.

The weather is cold now... time to endure our few days of winter. Before we know it spring will be here. And in the meantime, we'll get some warm days. This is one of the reasons I love Mississippi.
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