Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spring Green

It's 76 degrees and beautiful! I aimed to to spend the whole day outside today, and came pretty close to it. My to-do list didn't get any shorter, but it will have to wait... Spring doesn't last long.

Rode the bike around OS and over to the kayak. Kayaked to the gulf, a trip I haven't done in a while. I was going against both the wind and the tide going out, so going back was easy. As you can see the azaleas are in bloom. The trees have the young green leaves out and there are new shades of green everywhere.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

5 miles or so

A strange hazy-humid and very warm day yesterday invited me out to stretch my paddling muscles (in need of more exercise) and visit the bayou as it goes into springtime. The water is still cool, but the birds are making a lot more noise, and the air feels great.
The tide was high and I was able to explore a new place in the bayou, in past what I call redfish cove, branching out from the fishing hole, which is a big open spot in the bayou as it goes out to the gulf where you often see several boats. It's amazing how many new places there are to find! I came back after sunset, not even noticing the partial moon straight above my head. I thought it was the glow in the western sky that provided the small bit of light that I needed.
Once again I noticed how un-scary the water is, in daylight and in dark. But I need to remind myself to be prepared for any circumstance, such as always having all supplies (paddle float, pump, flashlight, small spare paddle, etc.) with me. It is definitely nice to have full storage facilities back where the kayak lives. I should keep a set of shorts/t-shirt available so EVERYTHING is there to go by on a whim and paddle at any time... after work, morning, evening... the days are much longer now and there is more time available. Yesterday was a gloriously long day! I feel like today is a bonus day for the weekend.