Friday, January 02, 2009

No really, it's January

Paddled the 7 or 8 miles to the gulf and back with Mom, short sleeves the whole time. Just a little breeze, nice sun, pleasant air. But the water temperature reminds you that it's winter.

Nice paddle, nothing spectacular to see, but it was nice to see summery clould such as this thunderhead north of us.

My pictures from today came out terrible. Turns out my lens was dirty, with a film over the entire thing that made the pictures hazy, and for some reason, colorless. These two are from Mom's new camera.
I love the way the Riot Regency looks in the water!

I had pain in my right shoulder trouble today, but it eased up a bit when I paddled as Paul taught me, with a paddler's box of keeping the arms straight and pulling with the torso, rather than pulling with the arms. Luckily there are a lot of different movements that get the job done.

We noted the southern position of the sun and how far it moves from summer to winter. 60 degrees? That would be 2 hours on a clock. It may even be more than that. Something to research...