Friday, January 02, 2009

No really, it's January

Paddled the 7 or 8 miles to the gulf and back with Mom, short sleeves the whole time. Just a little breeze, nice sun, pleasant air. But the water temperature reminds you that it's winter.

Nice paddle, nothing spectacular to see, but it was nice to see summery clould such as this thunderhead north of us.

My pictures from today came out terrible. Turns out my lens was dirty, with a film over the entire thing that made the pictures hazy, and for some reason, colorless. These two are from Mom's new camera.
I love the way the Riot Regency looks in the water!

I had pain in my right shoulder trouble today, but it eased up a bit when I paddled as Paul taught me, with a paddler's box of keeping the arms straight and pulling with the torso, rather than pulling with the arms. Luckily there are a lot of different movements that get the job done.

We noted the southern position of the sun and how far it moves from summer to winter. 60 degrees? That would be 2 hours on a clock. It may even be more than that. Something to research...


Peggy said...

Hi Anna!

I get over here to read your blog, even though I don't often comment. I loved your last two posts, and what great photos!

I could so relate to the "what if I tip over?" thoughts in the previous're right, when we go so long without incident, we get a bit complacent. I also understood completely your mention of the different types of paddling, from casual to more aggressive.

We have been having great paddling weather, too--or at least until this week.

Have a great 2009!


Anonymous said...


Saw your blog when I googled kayaking in our area. I'm still pretty new at this. I did half a dozen trips down the seminary creek, then bought a 10' sit-in (because it fit in my car), then went the 10 or so mile Bluff creek from Vancleave to the rest area at highway 10.

Today, I went from the Pascagoula boat ramp (North Side of 90 Bridge) to Chemise island. I saw the little sand bar on Google Earth and had to check it out. About 4 miles round trip.

If you or anyone in the area wants to do a paddle along the coast, contact me at I usually have to go solo because I haven't yet had a chance to get in the local yak circles.

Keep paddling,

Jason said...

Eric I sent you an email.

Anna, the weather has been nice for paddling........more calm days than usual for winter I think. The last week of December, My wife and I did about seven miles around Deer Island, launching from Biloxi Small Craft Harbor. It was a glassy calm day, really nice.

How is the Regency treating you? That is a nice looking kayak. I know it is a bit narrow though, do you find it tippy at all, or have you gotten used to it? I'm close to making a decision and purchasing a new sea kayak, i'm really leaning toward the Current Designs Storm, because of its stability and big water capability (for barrier island crossings).


Anna said...

So nice of you all to visit and sorry I've been slow to reply to your comments! Peggy, your pictures are getting better all the time and I still enjoy visiting your blog often. We're thinking about another spring break trip to Merritt's Mill Pond area. Eric and Jason, I hope you have found some good paddling days and good paddling places. The Regency is good, I don't find it tippy at all. The seat is still not perfect but I'm working on the adjustments. Did you get the Current Designs Storm or another boat? I may get out this weekend. I've been neglecting the kayak in favor of the bike lately. Need more fun time!

Happy paddling,

mike said...

Anna, very belated congrats on making Horn Island (didn't realize it had been that long since I last looked you up). After years on the Jourdan River in Bay St. Louis, we moved to Belle Fontaine in 1995 and my first trip to Horn was 1996. To celebrate the Millenium, my son and I went from Belle Fontaine to Horn, Petis Bois, Dauphin and across Mobile Bay to the two mile marker on Fort Morgan's Gulf side. We moved later in 2000, but since then on visits we've made it from Pass Christian to the far west side of Cat to the far east of Dauphin, including one in which he and his wife ventured on her first long-distance paddle. The 2000 trip was so novel at the time that the Ocean Springs Record made a front-page story about it. Since then, my son has soloed the Baja and Prince William Sound, but the 'old man' became permanently landlocked when 32 days before we were to take back possession of our house (about 200' east of Walter Anderson's winter launch spot) from renters, Katrina squelched the plan. Still paddle occasionally from public launches in Daphne AL, but really miss the almost twenty years of launching from the front yard!

Jason said...

Anna, I got the CD Storm and I love it. I've only had a it out a few times but it is exactly what I wanted, quick yet stable, with tons of storage. I hope to get it out this weekend to try it out in some chop.

Anonymous said...

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