Saturday, February 16, 2008


I went out today in trusty blue
On a quest for creatures (that remain nameless)
Like the water sparkles that adorn the shorline
They linger and lie, sunning and swimming
Steadfastly sticking with their choice of location
Never thinking of buying up to a better neighborhood
They quietly enjoy their place on earth.

Sometimes social, sometimes solitary
The old and the young
The wise and the foolhardy
They often have friends that accompany them
And occasionally, a serious challenge to take on
Chipping at their armor and implicit integrity
But they stand fast, still, against all invaders.
They know they are well protected.

When partaken, they offer variety and intrigue
A pleasant and mild salty tenderness
And endless ways to be enjoyed.

Pause to appreicate that they did their job so well.
They had purpose. They had pride.
They did not write this last chapter of life.
But in the end, we realize, at that end
We all will serve some final purpose,
Just likely not one of our own choosing.
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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Rather be Kayaking

I'm blogging these pictures and outing from last weekend because I have to work this weekend and this is what I'd RATHER be doing. I wonder where I can get an "I'd rather be kayaking" bumper sticker for my car. Or my forehead. I did receive a great pair of kayak earrings for Christmas that look very nice and seem fitting. I've also been taken with Jake, the "Life is Good" character, and his representations on T-shirts and other attire. Yes, life is good. Campfire, kayak, dog... what more do you need?

The oysters practically begged us to take them back and eat them on this Saturday outing. MMM...

I want to get back to a kayak routine, and challenge myself to some distance runs. Seems there's never enough time...

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