Monday, February 21, 2011

Saturday exploring

February 19, 2011

Just me and Mom... bottom picture, went up towards Shell Landing and explored a few new waterways. It was a foggy morning as it has been a lot recently. The top picture was from earlier in the day, riding bikes down to Gulf Islands National Seashore. I still would love to kayak in the fog, but have yet to catch it at a good time. Need to remember the GPS or some navigational device, though! But wouldn't it be nice to be lost in the middle of the bay, for example (not fearing boat traffic), in the quiet, blanketed by fog all around?
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Testing kayaks

February 12, 2011

Another group paddle, this one inspired by a fellow paddler's interest in trying different boats to see if a sea kayak would be more suited to his type of paddling than the ocean kayak (sit-on-top) that he has been in.

A 7 mile paddle to the gulf and back. This spit of sand is Graveline Beach at the mouth of the bayou. Nice weather for February...
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