Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Too busy paddling to blog

I've had a lot of good paddles lately. Hate to get behind in chronicling, but when faced with a choice between sitting at the computer and going outside, I've got to go for the non-computer choice. Having a job where a good bit of the day is face-to-face with the computer will do that to you. Actually, the computer is not so bad, it's just that SPRING is so awesome! The trees and flowers are looking great this year. No more of this struggling, hurrincane-recovery look. Things are back in full swing.

We kayaked out around Deer Island and about a mile south where the old OS-Biloxi bridge is being piled up to create a fishing reef. 2-3 foot seas on the way out made it a fun trip; upwind on the way out and downwind going back. The picture above is at that spot, taken at the southern-most point shown in the green GPS track on the map.

Other great paddles lately in Graveline, Davis Bayou and Magnolia Bayou, Graveline... oystering, fishing, bird-watching, gator-watching.

Hoping to get to Florida during spring break vacation week next week - to the Wacissa!