Sunday, August 07, 2011

Swim training?

A pleasant surprise! I got in the boat just because I was out there, the sun was setting, and the water was calm. Why not? I was pretty tired from a 70 mile bike ride this morning. But of course it's legs that do the work on a bike, so my arms were ready to go. The surprise was that despite hardly kayaking at all lately, my arms felt loose and strong. Could it be the swimming I've been doing lately? I guess that's a lot of the same muscles. It's amazing how tight the shoulders can get when you don't use them through their range of motion... but once a week swimming lately seems to help.

Clouds blocked tonight's sunset, but there was this neat cloud top that put up a nice show.

And, a mullet jumped by, as they do... I caught him on jump #3.

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Janet said...

Thanks for the virtual paddle! Will be glad to get back out there. -Mom

Majid Ali said...
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