Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Evening Peace

I'm really just posting this to see if I still remember how to blog. This paddle was this past Sunday evening with Mom, just a quick trip out to the middle of Graveline Bay to see the artistry painted on the sky for this one day. Somehow, it has gotten to be almost the end of July and I don't know how the summer has flown by so quickly. At least I know the water is there no matter what the season, and the skies are just as pretty. When I think about being out there, I feel all the wrinkles in my forehead relax, my eyes relax, my breathing become deep and soothing. It is magical, that water, and the kayak puts me right there on it.

When you are seeking peace, steer yourself to the water.
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John said...

Anna, you still know how to blog, and I still check to see if you're doing it. The water looks great, TGIF!

Anna said...

Thanks John :) I know you can find a way to get there.

Tim said...

Wow really nice pic! Was this from the coast?

Anna said...

Thanks, Tim! I was in a kayak in the middle of Graveline Bay. It's between Ocean Springs and Gautier, MS.