Thursday, August 07, 2008

New kayaks

Bought a pair of new kayaks last weekend! They are one year old, actually, found on Craig's List and being sold by a nice young couple in Pensacola who has a baby on the way, which as I remember tends to to perclude other pursuits. They are both Riot - one is a Riot Regency and the other Enduro. They are a very pretty blue and white. The Regency has the features I wanted compared to my Old Town Millenium - smaller cockpit, sleeker design, and thigh braces - and a few nice features I hadn't even thought about - paddle rest, cargo net inside over your feet, good storage and handle design, nice look. The Enduro is good for kids, beginners, and anyone who wants to go for a liesurely stroll around the bayous. The Regency will be good for distance runs and I can't wait to take it out for one. I've been in it twice for quick paddles and so far I love it.


Anonymous said...

the boat that you are paddling looks pretty it fibrglass or plastic?i'm building a wooden kayak now but it's not looking like it will get wet this year:(
i asked about your other kayak on a previous post(what kind it is?).did you start out on that one,how stable is it to the newer one?have you ever flipped one?can you do eskimo rolls?...sorry for all the questions,just trying to find out what to expect if i ever finish this boat...:)

Matt Cooper said...

What spots do you go kayaking at, I'm from biloxi and the only places I've gone locally is the back bay?

Anna said...

Hi guys, I'm late answering but maybe you'll visit again. I kayak mostly in Jackson county, 90% of the time in Graveline bay and bayou, but occasionally I take the kayak somewhere like front beach to go to Deer Island, or to Long Beach Wolf River, or Fort Bayou, or Pascagoula River, or Horn Island, or Florida. I have always wanted to kayak in the back bay but so far have not. We used to take the boat up the Tchoutacabuffa frequently and that would be a good kayak spot except for the boat traffic. Have you been there?

Building a woodden kayak... cool. My uncle does that and he has some nice ones. Mine is plastic - I am too rough on the lauches to handle a fiberglass boat, I think. I'd love to hear how it turns out!

I'm starting to get quite a collection (between me, my husband, and my mom), but my primary boat is a Riot Enduro. But I've spent by far the most time in the Old Town Millenium. Both are good boats mostly classified as touring kayaks.

Tony said...

Nice boat, sweet too that you can paddle in a T and no skirt. We're still paddling (Newfoundland, Canada) in the cold but need thermal protection. 5 degree water temp and air temp sometimes lower. If you're interested drop by my blog

Tony :-)

Anonymous said...

You are peddling boat that was awesome it's very pretty!!

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