Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fay, Gustav, and Ike

Hurricane season so far has brought us small adventures, but happily no large adventures. Tropical Storm Fay blew winds from the west and pushed water out of the back bay, showing us the lowest water line that I've ever seen on Front Beach. In this picture you can see the brown part of the beach, which is always covered by water, and above it the lighter color sand which is normally the only beach. Fay brought gusty winds but no rain or bad weather.

The sunset picture was taken right around that time (8/20/08). It was a blah sunset, and then for 5 minutes everything lit up from below. Like I said, you just never know...

anyway, Mom and I went out (here's me in the new kayak) that weekend and had some wind to contend with but overall, nice conditions.

Gustav brought a surge, tropical storm weather, and a big tide line to clean up. It also tore up the dock. Could have been worse...

Ike brought a surge and wind, even here. I can only imagine what it was like in Louisiana and Texas.

Overall, I'm feeling lucky.........! But it's not over yet for the year.

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Nick said...

Hey Anna,
You probably don't remember me. Around 3 years ago we all kayaked together to Deer Island with Paul from PERO in Ocean Springs. I also used to work in the clinic on the Gulfport CRTC and saw you come in from time to time. I'm always looking for a fellow paddler to explore and enjoy the wonderful waters we have here on the coast. Shoot me an email if you want to pair the water sometime:


Anna said...

Hi Nick, I do remember you and thanks for stopping by. I am looking forward to more kayaking in the next few months. I will defintely shoot you an email if I get ambitious with a trip! Happy kayaking.