Thursday, October 16, 2008


OK I'm a cyclist now.... I did a metric century (62.5 mi) last weekend. Although I've heard you're not a real cyclist until you do a centry (100 mi). I'll get there! This event was great. I could defintely get hooked on doing this type thing.

I'm enjoying the bike a lot, although the only problem is... its so time consuming.

Back to paddling, soon. Fall is the perfect season.

Maybe if I just quit work, I'll have more time for the fun stuff. The next elected U.S. President will take care of me. (ha!)
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Anonymous said...

You may end up costing me money! I cycle, of course, love to kayak (but haven't done any lately), and have always wanted to get involved in kites. Maybe I'll check some of yours out. Lawrence (from the club) also does kiting(?). Guess it's just a matter of time for me!! Enjoyed, and will continue enjoying, your blog!...Doug

Blue Bayou said...

Anna, it's Donna. We met today at the festival. I should have given you my email address then. You should be able to pick up my email, from this.


Anna said...

Doug, see, I met cool people at the festival! Thanks for the idea. And yeah, the kites...they're a lot of fun. I'll put some in the car for the next TatoNut ride, maybe we can hit the beach if the breeze is good.

Donna, was nice to meet you and I will definitely try to make it up your way sometime. It looks like a great place to kayak!

Blue Bayou said...

Nice to meet you too, Anna. I'm looking forward to when you can come and launch from my dock. I'd like to try your bay, sometime as well.