Tuesday, July 05, 2005

4th of July splash

Took my friend's 10 ft Loon out in the bay yesterday just for fun. Space opens up when you have something to float in. No longer are you sitting on the edge of the water, on a dock looking out at the water, submerging in the water. The water is open and accessible, you can drift and go where you want. The Loon is extremely maneuverable and feels very short after being used to my Millenium 160. I didn't even intend on going out, but why not? It's like taking a little walk. The tide was extremely low again and went to see if the gators were hanging out on the bank, but didn't see them. They're out in the bay now and very bold. Hope they don't want to knock over a little boat :-)

Tropical Storm Cindy visits tonight. Will have to take another evening this week, as there is another one on the way due to arrive this weekend.

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