Friday, July 08, 2005

Calm before the Storm

Smooooooth as glass. The bay just looked like it was wishing for a kayak to slide across it. Mom and I each took our kayaks and went over to the otter home. Couldn't find him, again, but saw a night heron, several gar, and a great blue heron. It was already after sunset when we went out, and almost completely dark when we got back, but all the light in the twilight sky was doubled by it's reflection on the water. The pink, blue, and gray gleamed like it was polished on the surface of the water. The sliver of the moon next to Venus was jewelery on an already pretty background. It was so quiet. Two favorite things of mine: when you build up speed and then coast in the water, you hardly feel yourself moving but the scenery changes around you ever so slightly, gradually altering your perspective. Also if you put your hands in the water you are flying through it. The water is warm and balmy, and seems such a pleasant place for the birds and the fish.

Hurricane Dennis churns into the Gulf tomorrow, setting it's sights on the coast. Maybe we'll get lucky once again and it will stay far enough away. One thing's for sure, the water will continue to be there, ready for wanderers like me...

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