Monday, July 11, 2005

Favorite Route

Although I didn't go out tonight in the kayak, I experimented with Expert GPS and captured my favorite route from previously saved tracklogs. The track is hard to see in black and white image, but goes across the bay and through the bayou, which looks like a river. I've done this journey three times and I believe it's about 7 or 8 miles total. This was from Sunday, July 3rd, actually it was the one I wrote about in First Blog. The oysters are halfway down the bayou and almost in the gulf. The entrance to the gulf is a little hazardous, as the waves are coming in while the tide current is moving through the channel. The beach out front is nice but nothing to get excited about, as the Mississippi coast waters are brown with sea life and mud. People catch a lot of speckled trout in the bayou. I like it in through here because there's not much boat traffic. Every time I've been out I've seen more wildlife than people... and that's the idea.

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