Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The Bayous Post-Tropical Storm Cindy

Wasn't planning a trip tonight, but there was so much activity in the water due to the storm I wanted to check out things from the water. The sky and the air are so clear and beautiful once the storm moves on, it's hard to believe that much of a change can take place. The water in the bay came up about 6 feet -- more than halfway up the yard. The entire dock was underwater. Luckily no damage. Now everything's good as before, except for a big tide line of bay trash deposited at the high water line. So impressive, though; both in that line of trash and with all the debris in the water, not one piece of human trash. It's all dead grass, sticks, leaves, and branches. I headed straight out from the dock south across the bay, and went up the third gut towards the causeway. What a ride! The current out of the bayou was fast and furious. Each turn was an adventure trying to head the kayak back the other way. Not too strong of a current to fight, but just enough to wonder which way it was going to catch as I rounded a bend. Not that it would have been anything to contend with in a shorter kayak. Just that mine is not meant for maneuvering turns. I was surprised to not see much activity with the birds and other animals, but I suppose it's not a big deal to them, just a little wind, rain, high water. They are also waiting for the water to recede so they can go back to business.

Once again, an easy trip. An upper body workout like a walk or a jog around the block. When I started it was quite difficult. Not many activities utilize the upper body in endurance exercise. Not only are my muscles stronger, but they seem to be getting more connected together and working in harmony. Just feels like something I should keep on doing.

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