Sunday, July 03, 2005

First Blog

Attempting to build endurance for the big run to Horn Island, I made another run to the gulf today from the bay. The birds seem to be more natural now. I watch them preening their feathers, stepping through the mud, skimming for fish, and it now feels more like I'm catching moments of their life, rather than a quick glance of what they want to show me. The tide was very low today. I wanted to collect the oysters at the side of the bayou, but the fishermen I asked said they are not edible, due to high mercury levels. Something to learn about. I saw a raccoon picking things out of the mud. It made me think of a story Tyler and I read a few months ago about a raccoon (Rascal).

The GPS said I went 8 miles. I will download the track with ExpertGPS, and see what it looks like. Need to learn to reset the odometer each trip, then will have an accurate assessment of the distance I've travelled. Will see if Paul's 3 mile per hour holds up with me. I think I have much more potential, but even now travel faster than the average kayaker.

A good paddle, after an already full day on the water! Good holiday weekend.


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fan Mom said...

Hi Anna, it was fun to read this 10 years later after our paddle this morning! What a lot has passed and what a lot we have both learned. Including about gathering oysters in Graveline. This was my favorite blog for as long as it ran. Maybe you should resurrect it!