Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Gators rule

GPS: Garmin etrex Legend
Software: Expert GPS
Trusty camera: Pentax Optio S

Tonight's post warrants both a picture and a GPS track. The law of the land was in full force this evening! Big fish chasing smaller fish. Gators ruling the water. I love the little gators. Their little eyes peeking up above the water, nose sticking out just enough to see that they're small and not a threat. But the big ones, man! I saw a 10 footer tonight. Right where the GPS track stops, which is also the left side of this picture. I sat there a while debating whether to pass where he had splashed into the water over to the other side, but decided against it, as no one knew where I was exactly and it might not be wise. They are INCREDIBLY fast. I've read that the big males are territorial sometimes. What would they do, exactly? Cause if they came after me I sure couldn't get away, as quickly as they move. I don't think they're likely to come after me though, and I don't worry too much. Mostly they stay in the water and stay away. But you do have to wonder what might set off that little pea brain to go towards you instead of away from you.

The little fish were like fireworks in the water. Something cruising up after them, and they go shooting out in all directions trying to not be the last one in line. I call them waterfall fish, because sometimes they make sort of a rainbow-waterfall as they jump over each other out of the water, and they're shiny in the sun.

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