Wednesday, July 13, 2005


I love it when I can make computers do what I want. Downloaded the pictures from the camera. Downloaded the route from the GPS. Selected the route and changed the display. Used screen capture to select it and - voila! The route tells the story. I was wandering tonight, not too energetic at first, but the adventure of new places pulled me forward. I went to the gulf via a shortcut. Not too pretty I must say - the canal is man-made and has none of the natural beauty of the meandering bayous. But it was interesting, and I met a lady at the end who was curious about how I got there, as the canal comes up behind the houses and seems to not connect to anything. I stepped out of the kayak, and as I suspected, the gulf was only about 30 feet away on the other side of the dirt road that came in from the other side.

Found a nook in the trees with all kinds of birds. There were so many herons in there, I saw feathers flying around in the air as I got to the end and they flew off, stating objections to my presence. I like the bayou areas near trees, the trees are pretty, but the stubborn scrubby trees more out in the open interest me the most. They look like they endure so much and stand their ground. Kind of like the pitcher plants that grow in "nutrient poor soil." At first thought it may seem like plants like that are not so grand, if all they live in is the poor soil -- but no, it is just the opposite. They are the strongest and most resourceful; the only ones that can live in those challenging conditions. Like explorers on Mt. Everest. These scrubby trees remind me of that.

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