Sunday, October 28, 2007

Last of Summer

I'll just bet this was my last paddle of the year in short sleeves. The water is cool and the air is warm today, but not for long... the fish know the cold weather is coming soon and they are finding their way up into the bayous for the winter. Crowding up into the bayous, I would say. Of course the mullet are always around, flying through the air like skipping stones. I caught one in mid-jump!

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An egret fished along the edge of the grass. Mom wonders why they are white. What advantage could they possibly have, to be white in this environment...?

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The sun seems really out of place as it drifts by day to the south. Prior to watching the sunsets regularly from Graveline, I would never have guessed that it travels so far between the summer and winter solstice.

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And I've learned never to assume the sunset is over, just because the sun is out of view beyond the horizon.

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AshleyC said...

I came across your blog after searching for information on kayaking in Southern MS. Kayaking is something I have done here and there and absolutely love it; however, I have never done so in MS. I am not sure where the good spots are and where it is safe. I have not yet bought a kayak but would like to in the near future, but just wanted to get some information before doing so. How did you get into it and learn what you know? Do you know any places to get a cheap kayak? Your pictures are amazing! The run and cycling part sounds very exciting as well. I am just starting to get into cycling as running is already a passion of mine.


Anna said...

Hi Ashley,
Thanks for your comment. MS is a great place to kayak. It's safe most places - the back bay, the rivers, the bayous, the sound around Deer Island, front beach in OS. Just a few gators and stay out of the boat traffic :-) You can get some fairly cheap kayaks at Academy Sports. If you want to step up from there, try Fairhope Boat Company in Fairhope, AL. They are great and you can take a boat down to the water to try it out. All the dealers have the same prices on kayaks. I took two lessons from a guy here that used to do lessons and tours, but he's out of the business now. Don't kow if anyone locally does that.

You should go for the PPP race next year!