Monday, May 28, 2007

Against the Wind

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Memorial Day is an ideal boating day, unless it's windy like it was today. I decided to kayak anyway and fought the wind the whole time. It was not unpleasant -- just challenging. I got out at Old Shell Landing and took some pictures. I had heard from a friend that back in the 1890s during the yellow fever epidemics that they had brought people here from New Orleans to be buried. I'm not sure about that, but there was definitely some yellow fever activity here. Mom sent me this link which discusses a camp in this location but not graves.

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The property is beautiful and there are some spectacular live oaks. There is more history to the spot (such as the Oystering that gave it it's name) and I can image all kinds of things taking place here throughout the decades. Before that, I'm sure it was used by Native Americans.

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From here you can see the bayou and look out towards the gulf.

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Quite a few folks were out fishing today despite the wind, but only in the main bayou. I had the rest of the trip completely to myself. It's just astounding how close to city, and close to home you can be and still have so much open space in a natural state.

I can't make up my mind about the 3 hours paddling today (9.4 miles). Time well spent? Definitely. But does it improve your brainpower? Which of the mental bank accounts are you filling up when you spend such time? I'm confident that it is more of a natural activity than watching TV or working on the computer, but not sure what the far-reaching effects of such investments are. In any case... it's got to be good.


Anonymous said...

You got right up to the "gopher tortoise preserve" at Shell Landing! Wonder if they really have any tortoises.

Great oaks! I remember they were covered with Spanish Moss before the storm. How long will it take to come back?

I think the mental bank account you fill is one called "conscious dreaming." and it's definitely good.

Peggy said...

I guess the brainpower question depends on how much you use your brain when not out paddling. If it's always idle, then this is just more of the same. I find it amazing how clear my thinking is when I am on the water and what a wonderful respite it is from all the mental chaos that goes on on land.

Anna said...

Good thoughts on that... and definitely paddling time decreases the "bad" mental bank accounts like stress, worry, and chaos.



Anonymous said...

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