Saturday, July 08, 2006

New Tracks in Graveline

It's amazing how many places there are yet to see through these bayou trails. Today was the first proof-of-concept of taking the kayak on the boat. We put me out on the beach at the gulf entrance on the right side of this track, and I went up some of the north bayou legs, meeting Dale back where we saw a nutria the other night. The tide was high but the fish weren't biting. I got back in the boat easily, too. I'm psyched about this!! Now now we have the option of anywhere we go in the boat, we just load up the the kayak also and I can take a side trip just about anywhere.

This picture of a skimmer was taken from the boat. Funny how the eyes are spaced so high up on the head. I've been trying to get a good shot of them skimming the water. They must pick up some tasty things in that beak as they cruise along. They're going plenty fast when they're skimming, too.

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Peggy said...

COOL BIRD! I've never seen one--wouldn't have known what it was.

And that's really great that you can carry the kayak on the boat--talk about possibilites!