Monday, July 03, 2006

Deer Island; Summer Day

Saturday Mom and I did a trek to Deer Island in both of our kayaks. First trip there without Paul as a guide, and Beriniki's first trip in the open sea. All went well! Boat traffic was light and the bay was calm. Going across we saw plenty of jellyfish. Cute little ones without visible tentacles; they looked like button mushrooms. They clustered together near the channel, where there were dozens within view at one time, but then none closer to the island.

The birds still like this area. Like Round Island, which we visited last week by boat, Deer Island has hundreds of dead pine trees. I didn't see a single one alive on Round, but Deer has a few. In the picture you can see them showing green through all the dead brown.

Armies of fiddler crabs covered all of the exposed mud. Tyler tells me only the males have the big claw... but they all seem to have a big claw. Are they bringing food home to the females?


Peggy said...

Nice picture of the egrets in flight!!! Sounds like a great trip!

anna0067 said...

Thanks Peggy! Your bird pictures are so good. I'm getting better with the zoom lens (I also have the Cannon S2 IS - that IS makes a big difference!) but still not usually quick enough to get the shots I want. At least I haven't dunked the camera yet :-)