Monday, July 10, 2006

Biking St Andrews

Most of the roads here are not bike-friendly, but if you go out early on Sunday morning on some of the less-travelled roads then it's fairly pleasant. I found some really nice smooth paved roads in St Andrews, and also really enjoyed the trip out Belle Fontaine Beach. I wouldn't have enjoyed it if I hadn't seen it already. Only a handful of houses are left out of probably well over a hundred. All I can say is it looks a heck of a lot better than it did in September of last year. It's really a pleasant area. Some of the best of coastal Mississippi, but seems tucked away; a little sliver between the gulf and the bayou. I sure hope no one puts a condo out there.

I went jogging tonight and thought, you know, I should carry my GPS with me, ha ha, showing 6 trips around the .8 mile block... OK, I won't get carried away. Though my biking and other exercise must be doing me good. Resting heart rate was 46 at a visit to the doctor today. The technician took it twice to be sure, then asked me, "do you exercise a lot?" :-) I'm feeling a lot better than in my most recent couch-potato days a year an a half ago. Since then I've been slowly building up to better aerobic shape and stronger muscles, and I haven't been sick a single time in well over a year. Not that I don't still have goals to attain, but I'm really happy with the effects of exercise. I highly recommend it... especially if you make it fun!

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