Wednesday, September 02, 2009

3 shortcuts

This past Sunday, the tide was high so we took some of the smaller marsh grass short-cuts through the bayou. The first one on the south side of the bay I have done many times. The one on the right was completely new. I didn't even realize there was a connection through there. I like sneaking through when you hear the boats whizzing by in the main bayou and they have no idea anyone is out in the marsh grass near them. The third one on the northeast side I've done a few times. There are quite a few places to get lost in there, and several places where you wonder, could I possibly be going the right way? It's like a corn maze.

Mom tried one way and I tried another. I could hear her calling me, and right then an osprey was flying overhead (bottom picture) so I yelled "I'm right under the osprey!" Soon enough we found each other and found the way out.

Heading back across the bay was an adventure. Very windy and the waves were about a foot and a half. We dashed back to the house and put the kayaks up in their new rack.

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elizabeth said...

Hi Anna,

I hope this email will reach you.

I really like your picture
and would like to use it for an article to be put on the web in a few weeks time.

The article is about software being developed for the ATLAS experiment at CERN which helps scientists find things that they are looking for in the data.

The choice of the picture will be also reviewed by colleagues in the review process.
I'd be happy to send a link to the draft and/or a link to the article when published.


Anna said...

Hi Elizabeth,
Sure, you have my permission to use the photo on your article. Drop a link if you get a chance when it's posted. Your project looks interesting!

elizabeth said...

Hi Anna,
Great ! Thanks for your email.
So far, the first reviewer also really liked this photo for this article.
I'll send the link when it is available.

Thanks !
ps and interesting article on your new bike !