Sunday, September 20, 2009

2 Kayak Events on Saturday

Promotion of kayak trails on the Mississippi Gulf Coast:
This is good news, and I am glad to see South Coast Paddling Company doing business and getting promoted.

Also the Gulf Coast Running Club's Yak-A-Du in Long Beach, MS:

This was a 2m run, 2m kayak, and another 2m run. My run time was OK though I haven't been running much lately. Paddle was easy -- I was taking pictures and cruising along. So many people struggle with the tiny boats, it didn't feel fair to glide by them so fast in the Riot Regency! Took second place in the women's. This event was a warm-up for the Paddle, Pant, Pedal triathlon coming up on Oct 31st. In 2006 I did it in 3 hours; 2007 2:48. Missed it in 2008. Goal for this year? I'm going to say 2:35. Paddle time will be same or a little slower. Run time faster, especially if I run between now and then. Bike time -- way faster!!!
I thought about something while running this event. I used to be disciplined in my breathing while running, always breathing with the running cadence. In 4 steps, out 4 steps in an easy jog. Brisk run - in two, out three. Fast run - in two, out two. And I would stick to it. Need more oxygen? Breathe deeper. Not enough? Slow down. Then at some point recently I broke out of that and realized, why not just breathe what your body wants. It's free, right? Going up a hill, breathe harder. Get what you need. Legs go how fast they can go, aerobic system listen to the body and fuel the effort. One or the other will start to get maxed out and you have to back down, but there's no sense in forcing a limit on yourself. So maybe it was the bike, where you don't pay as much attention to the breath relative to cadence. Or maybe it's the yoga I've been doing lately where you DO pay attention to the breath and you make sure to give the body the air it needs. In any case, being freed up to BREATHE has helped my running efforts.

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Thanks so much for posting the article on the Old Fort Bayou Blueway, sounds great