Friday, June 27, 2008

Continuous Canvas

YOU JUST NEVER KNOW when the sky will come up with some new painting. It's random (Tyler's favorite word) and spontaneous, and when you least expect it, the most interesting lights and clouds appear. This morning there was an incredible rainbow as I crossed the Biloxi-OS bridge. This last few few weeks have been scattered and isolated thunderstorms. The best part of that is there is plenty of room between them to be able to see the tops from near and far away.

Still can't believe that awesome bay, always there to glide around in, sometimes just inviting you to bump around crossing from shore to shore like a ball on a pool table. That was about the size of this evening's paddle.
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Robert Scholl said...


Quite a while ago you sent me a card with your blog address...and I finally found it!

The photos you take are just lovely and thanks for your kind words!


Anna said...

Hi Bert! Glad you could drop in. It would be nice to go kayaing in the lakes up in your area. It's very pretty from what I remember, especially in the late spring and the fall.

I'll stop on over to your blog; I had a thought to share. Come back by here when you can. I'll try to post more regularly than I have been lately.