Monday, July 30, 2007

Companion of Self

I went bike riding yesterday in the late afternoon, down towards Front Beach and around the usual route through the park. Usually I ride in the morning or middle of the day. The heat was not bad during this almost-evening time, and I had the interesting experience of a prominent shadow next to me most of the way. It was about my size, not stretched by a sun too low in the sky, but at just the angle to have a self on a bike pedaling next to me on the pavement. It's a neat feeling to see yourself pedaling strong, turning those wheels and going so fast on the road just on your own power. A new perspective.

Haven't been paddling a lot lately - partly because my spare time is too rare, but also because there have been other activities like stunt-kite flying, bike riding, etc. that bring just as much fun.

Someday I'll catch back up on the kayaking!

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