Sunday, January 21, 2007

Winter Birds

Here are some Graveline winter birds. I took all these pictures on Saturday on a kayak trip across the bay, down the bayou to the gulf (a trip I've done many times). It was breezy but not cold, and not only did we see all these birds but also collected some fresh oysters from the edge of the bayou which we steamed... they were delicious. Hope I live to tell about it. Anyway, If I could get the text to line up with the pictures I would, but here's a list of what we saw, most of which I was able to capture on camera. I've moved the list around to match the order of the pictures. Blogger is not too easy to manipulate. In fact, I'm sure there's an easier way to post pictures, but I haven't yet found it. Maybe I should be on myspace?

Great Blue Heron (above)
Great Egret/American Egrets
Brown Pelican
Brown Pelican
Louisiana Heron
Red-Breasted Mergansers (female)
Great Blue Heron
Immature Little Blue Heron
American Egret
Great Blue Heron
Snowy Egret
Brown Pelicans and Cormorants
Red-Breasted Mergansers (male)
American Egret

We also saw a white pelican , lots of terns, and an osprey diving for fish.


Your Paddlesports Friend said...

Nice selection of bird photos. Birding is one of my favorite things to do while paddling.

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JoeBlogs said...

Good shots. Must have spent a while taking those.

Peggy said...

Look at all those birds!!! You really had a day!

Rob Nykvist said...

Thanks for sharing your trip photos. I especially like the white egret with its head feathers all ruffled. Great shot!

Anonymous said...

Of course we didn't really EAT those oysters, because harvesting in Graveline is is not an approved site. We just, um, imagined what they would be like steamed. Yum.