Sunday, January 14, 2007

Spring in January

It's been way too long but here I am back on the water. It's over 70 degrees this weekend and feels like spring is here very early. T-shirts were comfortable for this outing. Mom and I went through the south cut, past the boat ramp, and towards the gulf. It's been so long I wasn't up for going all the way to the mouth of the bayou, so we turned up to find the winding trail we had been on once before. Not at all sure we were on the right path until we saw it open up into the bay... but sure enough, it got us there. A new house we'll call the lookout house is being built over by the ramp (visible in this photo just above the paddle), and can be seen from most places in the grass to give you a good reference point.

The GPS track says 4.5 miles and shows the meandering paths. Egrets, heons, and PELICANS were plentiful. Lots of jumping mullet!


Anonymous said...

Feel free to stop by our "lookout" house for a visit. We call it "Pelican View" for obvious reasons. You've posted some great photos.

Anna said...

Certainly will! I really like the look of the house, from the water and from across the bay. Thanks for visiting the blog.