Saturday, August 26, 2006

Biking OS

Ocean Springs has a lot of area yet to discover also. I went to the park to rent a pavillion for a cookout, then let the bike take me where it wanted to and headed south towards Gulf Park Estates. I found that Point Aux Chenes, a road that takes you towards St Andrews, goes way farther west than I knew. This is the part of the track on the bottom left, extending west. I heard this mentioned in a documentary about Walter Anderson and I believe this is the part he talked about. It goes to the water on the west side, and there are some beautiful properties down there. Of course, lots of trucks and repair activities present as this is waterfront land, but many houses seem to be fixed up. I got the feeling that may be some of the longest-owned property in OS outside the downtown area. This land is between OS and St Andrews and has some of the feel of both. (27.6 mi.)

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