Saturday, August 26, 2006

2 great paddles in one day

Last weekend went out with Mom in the morning and Dale in the evening. The morning trip, track shown above, was an adventure through the bayou somewhere we didn't know was possible to go through. It makes the bay seem so much bigger, to keep finding these new places to go and new ways to get around. This was Mom's first trip all the way to the gulf. Evening was a nice sunset - you never can tell when they're going to be good - sometimes the clouds look like they're going to block the whole thing but then the sun burns on through and surprises you. Dale made a good discovery while we were up near the bank watching the fiddler crabs run around. If you wave a paddle in the air, they can see that and they all start moving for the grass. It's funny; kind of like conducting an orchestra. We also saw a snake swimming, then slithering up through the mud into the grass.

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