Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Last Serious Training Paddle Before the BB

Feb 27, 2010

About 8 miles, with a few hard efforts. Actually got in one hard effort in the previous post in the easy 3.5 miles when we sprinted back to the dock. I felt that in my upper body and felt stronger this next time. Training works for paddling too!

We went up towards the otter again but had already gone looking for the birds and daylight was fading. Timing worked out nicely going back into the sunset. I love that.

Buddha said "Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.” The moon came up before the sun went down. The moon was one day away from being full. They keep coming back around! Another chance to admire... another chance to appreciate... another chance to feel the shine. Every day, you get to see them again.

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Sheila said...

So funny, just reading another blog. http://cowboygrrl:blogspot.com and saw under her SLEEP WELL,EAT WELL, PADDLE FAST That one of her blogs she follows is yours!
Do you have a list of other(s) blogers that follow you? That would be neat.
I'm sorry we didn't get to meet at the BOTB but I checked the race times and you were way ahead of me. I was one of the last few but really enjoyed paddling with a friend from Baton Rouge in a canoe and visiting the entire trip. Nothing is better than visiting on the water. Keep up you photo postings.

Anonymous said...

Haven't seen a post from you for awhile.....how was the BB?

Anna said...

I've been cycling my a** off. OK here comes some updates!!! Thanks for checking! Sorry I missed meeting you Sheila. Maybe someday soon or at least next year's BOTB, right?