Sunday, January 17, 2010

Kayak Race
The FIRST ANNUAL BATTLE ON THE BAYOU will be held Saturday, March 6, 2010 on Old Fort Bayou in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. The 12 mile race for kayakers is sponsored by South Coast Paddling Company and South Coast Kayak Club.

Time to start training!

I miss my kayak. I've launched this cycling training effort that takes a lot of time in the initial base-training phase. Somehow I need to work in some paddling time as well, and this event is before daylight savings time! 12 miles is a real challenge. But I defintely want to do it.


Cowboygrrl said...

Jake from Portage, WI just passed by your area on a long trip starting in Portage and ending in Portage. He mentioned the race and South Coast Paddling company in his blog. Check him out @ Portage To Portage Paddling Project.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna, I'm heading back down to work on the stained glass windows in Biloxi next week. I should be ariving January 26.

I will try to find room on the truck for my kayak.

Of course, I plan on making the bike club rides.

See you soon.

Anna said...

Cowboygrll - thanks!
Awesome blog. Great job Melissa from SC Paddling Co. and Nick (I remember you!) for joining him on a bad weather day.

David - awesome. See you soon. Hope we have good riding and paddling weather. Doug and I were planning on a few paddles soon like the one you and I did - 8-10 miles - to get ready for the 12 mile race.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anna,
This is Nick from years past. Battle On The Bayou is really coming along. We have gotten a lot of enthusiastic sponsors on board and almost all of the logistics are taken care of.

Check out our website:

See ya at the race.

Anna said...

Hey Nick! Thanks for the link. I used it and just officially registered. I am SO EXCITED we are having a kayak race here!!!