Saturday, May 23, 2009

Longleaf Trace - 81 miles

Last Saturday I rode the entire Longleaf Trace, just over 40 miles out and 40 miles back, all the way from USM gateway to Prentiss. That was an all-time mileage record for me. The miles were not hard - I could have done another 20 pretty easily, so I'm confident I'll do a few centuries this year. The rain was a bit of a challenge. We got soaked several times. This was a club ride so I was one of many in a pack of red jerseys. We made pretty good time but stopped many times for breaks, flats, etc. I really enjoyed the ride and intend to go back again next month. It's a very pleasant and painless way to get 80 miles in, and the scenery is great.

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Anonymous said...

Great photos.......... keep it up...........

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