Sunday, May 21, 2006


Well, obviously I'm not getting out in the kayak as much as I want to. The logistics continue to be an issue. Soon, our new boat will arrive and open up all kinds of possiblities, as we can transport the kayak to a choice spot; Dale and Tyler can fish while I go off paddling.

For now, the bike is my new love, so my tracks are land-based. I actually find many similarities between it and the kayak. I was thinking yesterday, a kayak is to a motorboat what a bike is to a motorcycle. Both, in my opinion, are more enjoyable without the motor! It's so much more of a rich experience, to me, when you experience the mode of transportation, AND you are challenging yourself physically.

Yesterday: 27.5 miles, approx 2 hrs, top speed 24mph.

Visited the OS bridge where the yacht club used to be. Hmm, can you tell which photo is pre-Katrina and which is yesterday?

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