Sunday, January 01, 2006

December paddle

This paddle was a couple of weeks ago on Dec 18th. Mom and I went up north of the bay, up behind some of the houses on the north bayou. She is in Beriniki, the Pamlico 145T. I'm in the Millenium 160. She took a photo of me on this trip and I've added it to my profile. We saw this heron along the way. I have a new camera with much more zoom power, but not sure when I'll get the nerve to take it out on the water.

I edited these photos with Microsoft Digital Image 2006. Downloaded a trial copy, but I think I will end up buying it as I do like it quite a bit. The reviews on photo imaging software are deceiving, because I think to the average user, ease of use far outweighs the ultra-technical capabilities available.

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